Lords of Misrule by Rob Elliott

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'Lords of Misrule' is the sequel for 'A Fool and his dancers' by Rob Elliott

Take a bunch of excitable rogues looking for fun and frolics, separate them from the one person who just about held them in check, issue them with tickets for the night ferry to Ostend, light the blue touch paper, stand back and see what occurs.

Will it all go off with a bang, or will it be a damp squib? All we can say with any certainty is that boys will be boys, and men will always be boys if they go off on a jolly together. Rugby players or summer camp schoolboys, it makes no difference. They could even be morris dancers.

So take a trip with the bad boys of Silurian, as they attempt to stash enough cash to get over the channel and into the unknown territory of a Morris weekend in Holland. Those who have read The Fool and his Dancers will know how the Welsh Border Morris tradition was revived by these subversive eccentrics. But what happens when you take away the Fool who kept these dancers in order?