Book: The Fool and his Dancers - Rob Elliott

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The Fool And His Dancers is the inside story of what it was like to be part of an innovative change in the perception of morris dancing, once a curious English custom performed by brightly coloured dancers on village greens. Then, nearly half a century ago, a Welsh-born Herefordshire man lit a fuse that exploded into a revival of black-faced Welsh Border Morris.

His unconventional maverick dancers turned morris upside down. They transformed it into a cross between flash mob and street theatre, creating something exuberant and mystical at the same time. They pulled their audience into the performance with them, and the myriad Border dancers we see today are the legacy of those times.

From someone who danced with this side for 20 years comes The Fool and His Dancers, a story of our time written by someone who was there. Of all the words that have been written about morris dancing, these are the ones that will take you on an enlightening journey as you experience the world of morris from the inside......